Sign Permits

Sign permits are required for temporary and permanent signs. The installation of a permanent sign requires the contractor to be State or City licensed, and two sets of plans must be submitted with the application. Temporary signs include portable signs, banners, pennants, and window signs.

Permanent Sign Permits

Permanent sign permit fees are based on the building permit fee schedule listed above under "Building Permits." The fee for a temporary sign is $2 per day of display with a $25 minimum and $50 maximum fee and the permit is only good for 30 days. A $200 deposit is required and shall be refunded if all ordinance and permit requirements are met. In no case shall temporary sign permits exceed four (4) in a calendar year, or a total of one hundred twenty days in a calendar year, with no more than sixty days of that allocation to be used for non-banner temporary signage per business and/or tenant.

For single-tenant buildings, a temporary sign permit shall not be issued for more than 30 days nor shall a permit be issued within 30 days from the termination date of a prior permit.

Multi-Tenant Properties

In the case of multi-tenant properties, a temporary sign permit shall not be issued for more than thirty days. Further, no more than two tenants may possess temporary sign permits at the same time. In the case of two or three tenant buildings, no more than one tenant may possess a temporary sign permit at any given time. Temporary sign permits for multi-tenant buildings may not be reallocated from one tenant to another to increase the allowable number of signs in any calendar year.