Responsibilities of the Administration Department

The City Administrator is the chief operating officer and responsible for the day to day operations of the city.  

 Administration Department functions include:

  • Carry out policies and ordinances of the City Council.
  • Advising the mayor and city council on all significant matters and presenting all items which require council action or approval.
  • Coordinating with other governmental agencies and representing the interests of the city as delegated by the city council.
  • Directing, developing, and implementing appropriate budgeting, including capital improvements, administrative planning and control procedures, and long-range development of the city.
  • Making effective recommendations in areas of policies, planning, community development, public safety, administrative services, financial planning, and human resources.
  • Working closely with departments to plan and coordinate activities to ensure effective service to the public and efficient conduct of all municipal affairs; overseeing the various department managers.
  1. City Administrator

    Chris Heineman

    City Administrator

  2. City Clerk

    Heidi Heller

    City Clerk/HR Manager & Data Practices Compliance Official

  3. City Hall

    Physical Address
    515 Little Canada Road E
    Little Canada, MN 55117

    Fax: 651-766-4048


    Monday - Friday

    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.