Adult Education Classes

Adult Education classes offer learning and community engagement opportunities. Find new classes below and register on the Recreation Catalog. 


If you have an idea for a class please contact the Recreation Coordinator. We would love to hear your thoughts! 

  1. Sierra Hietala

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 651-766-4042

Join us once a month from 7-8:30 PM on Zoom for our Master Gardener Classes hosted through the University of Minnesota Extensions Department.

March 1: Spring into Summer
Learn about how to wake up your garden in this class, which provides information about what to do for your garden and landscape between March and August. 

April 5: Introduction to Vegetable Gardening
This class teaches the basics of growing your first vegetable garden. Learn where to plant your vegetables which plants to choose, and how to care for your garden all season long. 

May 4: Planting for Pollinators
This class is on Wednesday at 6:30 PM!
Pollinators are critical to a healthy environment and many native species are in jeopardy. Learn what you can do at home to create healthy habits for native bees and butterflies. 

June 7: Be a Pest Detective
Learn how to prevent, identify, and respond to pests and problems that appear in your yard and garden using Integrated Pest Management practices. 

July 12: Herb Gardening
Herbs pack a lot of flavors that help improve the taste of many foods. Get to know some of the herb commonly used in cooking and learn how you can save them year-round!

August 2: Food Saving
Learn how to save, store, and preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy the best flavors and highest nutrition for as long as possible. This class introduces the many different methods of food preservation. 

September 13: Fall into Winter
Learn about how to put your garden to bed in this class, with information about what to do for your garden and landscape between September and February. 

October 4: Home Composting
Learn the science behind and the benefits of composting, including information on different composting methods, recommended compostable materials, and common uses of compost around the yard and garden. 

November 1: Houseplant Success
Indoor plants are a little different than outdoor plants. With a little special care and consideration, you can keep your indoor plants healthy and avoid common problems. 

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