Residential Chickens

The raising of chickens within the City (Ordinance) 

It is recognized that the ability to cultivate one’s own food is a sustainable activity that can also be a rewarding pastime. Therefore, it is the purpose and intent of this ordinance to permit the keeping and maintenance of chickens for egg sources or meat in a clean and sanitary manner that is not a nuisance to or detrimental to the public health, safety, and welfare of the community.

  • Raising of Residential Chickens (PDF) 

License and duration

Any person desiring a permit required under the provisions of this article shall make written application to the Community Development Director upon a form prescribed by and containing such information as required by the city. Among other things, the application shall contain the following information:

  1. A description of the real property upon which it is desired to keep the chickens.
  2.  The genus and number of chickens to be maintained on the premises.
  3. A site plan of the property showing the location and size of the proposed chicken coop and run, setbacks from the chicken coop to property lines and surrounding buildings (including houses and buildings on adjacent lots), and the location, style, and height of fencing proposed to contain the poultry in a run or exercise area. Portable coops and cages are allowed, but portable locations must be included with the site plan.
  4. Statements that the applicant will at all times keep the chickens in accordance with all of the conditions prescribed by the officer, or modification thereof, and that failure to obey such conditions will constitute a violation of the provisions of this chapter and grounds for cancellation of the permit.
  5. Such other and further information as may be required by the Community Development Director.


The city requires the safe and responsible keeping of residential chickens. Several resources for the safe keeping of residential chickens are available online and outlined below. The city encourages residential chicken license applicants to review the resources available.