Strategic Plan Progress Reporting

  1. Progress Reporting Overview
  2. Enhancing Identity and Empowering Community
  3. Maximizing our Assets to Catalyze Development
  4. Creating Operational Efficiency
  5. Mandating Action and Accountability

Progress Reporting Overview

The City Council completed a strategic planning process in 2019 that established a vision for the community and identified steps the city will take to achieve that vision. Four strategic directions were developed: Enhancing Identity and Empowering the Community, Maximizing our Assets to Catalyze Development, Creating Operational Efficiency, and Mandating Action and Accountability. Within all four strategic directions, strategic direction results and action items were identified. 

In 2022, the City Council directed staff to update the existing 2019 strategic plan. As a result, additional action items were added. Since 2022, staff has worked to complete initiatives outlined within the 2019 strategic plan and 2022 strategic plan update. 

Each of the tabbed icons below provides a progress report for the four strategic directions. In the tabs below, you will find the status of each action item, key outcome indicators for action items, and the status of each action item.

Understanding the Progress Reporting Overview

Each Strategic Direction Result includes a status of individual action items.

Completion status for each action item is being monitored through a percentage tracking system. Status for each item can be broken into five categories and is based on 100% as a completion percentage.

Completion Percent Tracking Legend
On TrackSome DelayProgressed PausedUpcomingComplete
Work for action item is on trackWork for action item is delayed between 1-3 yearsWork for action item paused to address other prioritiesWork for action item is planned and upcomingWork for action item is complete and/or now considered on-going

Overall, over 77.5% of action items have some measurable level of completion. 

Graph that shows progress of items