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Canadian Days

  1. Arts, Craft & Gift Fair Waiting List

    Artists or businesses selling artwork, crafts, woodwork, jewelry or gifts are eligible to apply

  2. Canadian Days Committee Application

    Canadian Days Committee membership is open to adults (age 18+) who live or work in Little Canada. Canadian Days is the annual... More…

  3. Canadian Days Merchandise Order Form
  4. Food Vendor Application
  5. Non-Profit Youth Group Volunteer Application

    We have many volunteer opportunities for your Youth Group as indicated below. Please note the number of volunteers needed for each... More…

  6. Sponsor Form
  1. Canadian Days Boat Parade

    Let us know if you are participating and if you can take guests on your boat

  2. Canadian Days Junior Board Application

    Membership to the Canadian Days Junior Board is open to youth ages 14-18 to get involved with planning of our annual summer festival.

  3. Comment Form

    The Canadian Days Volunteer Committee would like to hear from you regarding our annual Little Canada celebration. Submit your... More…

  4. Kiddie Parade Registration

    Pre-register for the Canadian Days Kiddie Parade on Saturday, August 5, 11 a.m. Theme: Canadian Days '23-Celebrating Community There... More…

  5. Non-Profit Youth Group Volunteer Donation Request

    We will make a donation to your youth organization for each shift that is successfully completed.

  6. Volunteer Application