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Food Vendor Application

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  2. Canadian Days FOOD VENDOR Application

    Little Canada Canadian Days is now taking food vendor applications for consideration for the 2023 festival. The dates are Friday-Sunday, August 4-6. The Committee will review all applications received by May 14, 2023 and extend an invitation to the finalists by May 15, 2023.

    The food vendor finalists will be required to provide us with:

    • Copy of your sales tax certificate ST-19
    • Certificate of insurance naming Little Canada Canadian Days, Inc. and the City of Little Canada as additional insured
    • Vendor fee payment of $300 for a standard 16 x 12 foot booth with 20-35 amp circuit. 
    • Vendors needing 50 amp electrical service will be charged an additional $50.
    • Vendors MUST be open all three days.
    • All Vendors are responsible to obtain a license from the Ramsey County Health Department.
    • One grounds parking pass will be issued per booth. 

    The carnival has exclusive rights to sell Cheese Curds, Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes and Mini Donuts, so these foods may not be sold.

  3. How your booth will be listed on promotional materials.

  4. Please list all the food items you wish to sell at Canadian Days. We may decline some food offerings as we want to avoid duplicate items to offer our guests a variety of food options.
  5. Electrical Requirements*

    Please select your MINIMUM electrical requirements. Vendors are required to provide their own extension cords (12 AWG or larger, approved for outdoor use). Distance to power source may be up to 100 feet.

  6. 50 amp circuit plug
    50 amp dryer receptacle
  7. Booth Type*

    Select the booth type you will use. Standard booth space is 16 x 12 feet, unless additional space is approved.

  8. Describe the footprint of your space requirements, (including truck, trailer, freezer, etc., if it needs to be in close proximity to your booth). Provide the exact length and width needed and indicate which length is the front of the booth from which food will be served.  Additional charges may be charged for larger spaces.  
    Forms submitted without this information will not be considered.

  9. Please provide references, other festivals you have attended, website, or other information about your booth.

  10. Submit a picture of your food vendor booth.

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