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Gervais Beach - County Park

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  1. Drinking Fountain
  2. Fishing Pier
  3. Parking
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Playground
  7. Restrooms
  8. Swimming Beach
  9. Trails
  10. Water


Gervais Lake Beach is operated by Ramsey County. This park is heavily used for swimming and picnicking during the summer months. This four-acre park is located on Edgerton Street just north of Highway 36.


Amenities within this park include a public swimming beach, play equipment, building, fishing pier, and on-site parking. Call Ramsey County with further questions or comments on this park at 651-748-2500.

Please note: Due to budget cuts, no lifeguards are on duty at this beach. Swim at your own risk.